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NineteenEleven Consulting is a community engagement data consulting firm. We exist because organizations that make data-driven decisions cannot make strong decisions without strong data

As self-proclaimed data geeks, we will make sure that you get the data you need for the insights you want.

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Have you ever noticed that you can execute a public involvement plan perfectly and still not get the data you need?

Or you've analyzed your data and checked it twice but you haven't found any insights that you can actually use?

Have you gotten so many public comments that summarizing them seems impossible?​

The trouble with data is that it is not information. It can only become informative with the proper application of effort and expertise. We provide both while solving countless other data-related problems for our clients.

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People overlook two key factors that affect data strength: how we get it and how we analyze it.

Many don't give survey design the attention it deserves and requires as a science. (It really is a science!) It only takes one misstep to ruin a question, and it only takes one question to ruin an entire survey. We help you avoid the pitfalls while ensuring you get high-quality, actionable data.

Most people hate pouring over comments and numbers. To us? Analyzing engagement data is like the Super Bowl. Like we said, we're data geeks. That's why we can deliver such amazing results.

From conceptualization and design to analysis and report, we remain focused on insight from start to finish

We know that it can be hard to trust others with your information, but we are specialists who don't take that responsibility lightly. Our Founder and Principal, Dr. Kristin N. Williams is a social scientist with more than fifteen years of research experience. Because she is also a community engagement specialist, Kristin delivers specifics, not just spreadsheets.

NineteenEleven is certified DBE, WBE, HUB, SBE, and SPSF in North Carolina.

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Equip yourself with strong data. Not only will this give you confidence in your decision-making, but it will also help nurture community trust and enhance future engagement efforts.


It doesn't matter how many people you engage if you ask them the wrong questions.

We'll ensure that all of your engagement questions are ethical, unbiased, and clear so that you can meet your goals for equitable and inclusive engagement.

Software isn't a substitute for human analysis. Simply searching and tagging keywords doesn't qualify as qualitative data analysis.

We analyze every comment using authentic qualitative data analysis. Stop losing valuable insights due to incomplete or inappropriate "analysis" methods.


It can be hard to make sense of data coming from a lot of sources (surveys, meetings, emails, etc.). 

We help cut through the noise and streamline the seemingly disjointed, contradictory, and confusing information into a solid foundation for decision-making.

Templates are tempting, but they don't usually don't solve your data struggles. A survey drafted for another initiative likely won't meet the precise needs of your particular project. Don't risk losing valuable insights with an ill-fitting survey.

Get a partner who understands your data needs and shapes your questions around those goals.

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It all starts with a 15-minute phone consultation.

After identifying your engagement data needs, we'll come up with a strategic plan for data collection, analysis, and reporting. 

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As a technology company producing data-backed guidance for our customers, we wouldn't go far without NineteenEleven. Kristin has been instrumental in architecting premium surveys, datasets, and insights that are of the highest quality for our customers and the markets they serve.

Josh, CEO

NineteenEleven Consulting is a proud member of The Amalgamation, an ecosystem of small businesses fostering equitable partnerships in government contracting.

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