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People overlook two key factors that affect data strength: how we get it and how we analyze it.

Many don't give survey design the attention it deserves and requires as a science. (It really is a science!) It only takes one misstep to ruin a question, and it only takes one question to ruin an entire survey. We help you avoid the pitfalls while ensuring you get high-quality, actionable data.

Most people hate pouring over comments and numbers. To us? Analyzing engagement data is like the Super Bowl. Like we said, we're data geeks. That's why we can deliver such amazing results.

From conceptualization and design to analysis and report, we remain focused on insight from start to finish.

We know that it can be hard to trust others with your information, but we are specialists who don't take that responsibility lightly. Our Founder and Principal, Dr. Kristin N. Williams is a social scientist with more than fifteen years of research experience. Because she is also a community engagement specialist, NineteenEleven delivers specifics, not just spreadsheets.

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